Committed to Diversity
and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, and equity apply to every aspect of Athena – from our members to our team to our coaches and our partners. We strive to be a community that supports women from all backgrounds, all abilities, all cultures. And, we’re dedicated to evaluating our efforts with transparency, and a desire to lead change from the front.

In our community

In 2020, we made a commitment to ensure our membership reflected the demographics of society as a whole, with at least 37.6% of our members being women of color. Today, 39.5% of our members identify as women of color and 4% identify as LGBTQIA+.

Athena celebrates all the diversity in the communities we serve, from LGBTQ+, to people with disabilities, to military, and more. This is just the beginning.

Annual Diversity Updates


Race Equity: It Starts at 37.6%

I am not going to make one statement and be done. This is the first in a series of posts/letters I will be making to address how Athena, and I personally, will help the whole of our society thrive. I started Athena because I wanted to change the world from the top.


Progress Report: The Path to 37.6%. Here’s Where We Are Now.

In late June last year, I made a promise. I committed Athena to getting its membership to 37.6% women of color. At the time I made the promise, we were at just 13% women of color in Athena.


Our Continued Mission to Support All Diversity

One of our core beliefs at Athena is that the top level of leadership should reflect the dynamics of society as a whole. This is the second annual “progress report” on where we’ve come – the wins along the way, and the progress yet to be realized.


The Path to 37.6%: We made it. And we’re gonna keep going

The future of leadership is diverse. At Athena Alliance, we're committed to ensuring the insights offered at the top levels of leadership reflect the experiences of society as a whole. That only happens when diverse voices are heard at the table.


Across our team

Our team is global, multicultural, and multitalented. We are diverse in education, perspective, and ethnicity. We connect from all corners of the world to support our members, and each other.

Within our coaches

Many of our coaches have been with us since our earliest days, and in the last year we’ve nearly tripled our coaching staff. Our next hurdle: diversifying our coaches to ensure our members have targeted, personal insights they need to make their biggest career moves. Currently, our coaches are 20% women of color – and we're committed to growing that number in the next year.

Throughout our partner portfolio

We count on forward-thinking CEOs, investment firms, and corporations to be our greatest allies in achieving diversity at the highest ranks of leadership. We’re proud to partner with a range of companies, from startup to government, from private equity to venture capital. And, we’ll continue to champion these companies as they navigate their own path to improving diversity and better business outcomes.


A proud partner of the Athena
Rising Foundation

The Athena Rising Foundation was created to see underrepresented women take a place at every level of senior leadership, from executives, to the C-suite, to the boardroom. Join forward-thinking leaders and top brands as they work to ensure the top ranks of business mimic society.

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Learn more about how we support women leaders as they rise into the C-suite or the boardroom.

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