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As you advance in your executive career, you need a set of polished, professionally-crafted documents to establish credibility and amplify your expertise.

In this guide, you’ll learn…

  • How understanding your personal brand can lead to career-transforming advances
  • Trends and best practices to make your application stand out from the crowd
  • Storytelling tips to help your audience quickly understand how you add value as a leader
  • How to optimize your materials for Applicant Tracking Systems to be top-of-mind for every opportunity
  • LinkedIn trends to amplify your brand and executive/board search
  • How Athena helps women leaders internalize their value and communicate it to the world
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Athena helped me crystallize my experience and what I bring to the table for a board. The [BCP] process helped me understand this in a clear and concise way, so I am able to quickly articulate my superpowers. It helped me pop as a board candidate with specific examples a board is interested in, and taught me how to tell my story in a way that really grabs an audience.

Sharon Hutchins
VP, Chief of AI & Data Operations @ Intuit
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I had a fantastic experience working with my Athena writer. I thought I was in good shape having had PR professionals do work for me in the past, but her finished product is so much better than what I started with. There were many substantive changes, as well as small changes that at first appeared subtle but were actually huge in terms of how I present myself. She was so insightful about articulating my brand, strategic advantages, and distinctive competencies. She also coached me on how best to customize my materials for new opportunities.

Mary Ann Byrnes
Global Head @ Palo Alto Network Cybersecurity Academy; Board director @ The Myers-Briggs Company

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