Negotiation tips from the world’s top women leaders

This guide shares negotiation strategies from Athena Alliance’s community of top women executives. When negotiating your executive package, know that absolutely everything is up for negotiation. Everything. It’s up to you to know what is most important to you, where to flex or push harder, and what to potentially leave on the table.

In this guide, learn…

  • What to consider when negotiating your base salary
  • How to leverage your network for insights
  • How to fold equity into your overall compensation
  • Which perks to consider – from unlimited PTO to limited travel to childcare
  • Other considerations to keep top-of-mind, including severance packages and non-competes

How Athena can help

Job transitions can be challenging. Athena’s resources and community are tailored to help you gain a competitive advantage in your next move:

  • A vast network of women leaders, spanning all industries and all geographic locations. 
  • Branded Career Portfolio experts. We’ll ensure your professional documents are cohesive and working together to your advantage.
  • Executive coaches. Our coaches can support you in all ways, from the internal work like overcoming imposter syndrome and navigating difficult conversations, to practical business applications like scaling and negotiating. 
  • Access to opportunities. Within Athena, executives and board directors are sourced, new opportunities are shared, and valuable relationships are made – all helping you gain traction, fast.

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About Athena

Athena is the premier executive development platform for senior-level women, offering a powerful networking community, resources, executive education, and coaching to help women advance and excel in their careers.