Thriving in a fast-changing world

“The Modern Board is expected to have a deeper connection to the bench strength of the organization, shareholders and stakeholders broadly. It should look out to the future and understand the key imperatives the company must address to ensure relevance for today, and a business that will thrive in a fast-changing, technology-determined world.”

Coco Brown
Founder & CEO, Athena Alliance

The rapid advancement of technology has led to a more interconnected world

Through this connected world, business models have been forced to adapt and modernize. By embracing key technology platforms and responding to large business model shifts, this has put increasing pressure on boards to adapt as well.


The making of the modern boardroom

In this whitepaper, we explore the key emerging trends that are impacting the modern boardroom. Download this complimentary whitepaper on the Key Trends in the Modern Boardroom today. Some of the themes we’ll explore include:

  • How culture and branding are more important now than ever before
  • The changing dynamics of board composition
  • The power shift from business to consumer
  • The rise of conscious capitalism

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Athena members are the top leaders in their industry. They are VP or above at commercial entities with $100M in revenue or more. At large enterprises, Athena members may be senior director or above. Athena women are also experienced board directors, partners or associates at investment firms, and CEOs building companies for scale.