leadership roles

Why boards must reinvent themselves in response to the evolving societal landscape

It’s time to reimagine the roles in the boardroom and how board directors can come together to provide intentional, strategic governance. From Athena Alliance and Nasdaq, learn…

  • The antiquated roots of corporate governance and how modern boards are evolving
  • How boards are rethinking the roles they are recruiting in the boardroom
  • Why boards are moving beyond shareholders to engage with stakeholders more broadly
  • The intrinsic tie between diversity and business performance

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About the Authors


Coco Brown

Founder and CEO of Athena Alliance

Jessica N. Grounds

Co-Founder of Mine The Gap

Jerusha Stewart, JD

JD, CEO & Co-Founder of TAKE YOUR SEAT

Kaley Childs Karaffa, Esq.

Senior Director of Board Engagement and Governance Counsel

James Beasley

Head of Board Engagement, EMEA at Nasdaq

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