A scalable, customizable approach to executive training and support

Autodesk first partnered with Athena when four senior women executives became members. The women were rising in their careers, with aspirations of landing a board director role. They came to Athena for hands-on coaching and one-on-one support, and the opportunity to meet hundreds of other women in similar positions.

That was 2016. Fast forward to today, and what began as an engagement for a few women has now transformed into a strategic advantage for the company. Autodesk now has 50 women in its cohort—a mix of rising leaders and board seekers, spanning all departments and geographies across Autodesk.

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Proven executive development ROI and accountability

Athena leads quarterly business reviews (QBRs) to share the latest data, wins and challenges, and to strategize engagement at the cohort level. To date, Autodesk members have received more than 107 hours of one-on-one executive coaching, they have attended nearly 50 Salons, and 62% of them have made key connections within our community. Autodesk members have been presented for 64 board seats and 4 board seats have been awarded to them over the course of their engagement with Athena.

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Put Athena to work for your company

Athena Alliance provides community-driven, SaaS-based executive education that makes it easy and accessible for leaders to learn from their peers. As the first Executive Education as a Service platform, Athena provides personalized, exclusive access to on-demand learning, one-on-one coaching, and virtual networking for “in-the-know” executives.