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From chief marketing
officer to chief market officer

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It's Time to Drop the 'ing

This program aims to transition Chief Marketing Officers into the role of Chief Market Officers, propelling them from the back of the board deck to the forefront of the boardroom. It empowers individuals to become adept market strategists, leading with purpose, defining direction, and influencing market dynamics.

The title of Chief Marketing Officer emerged in 2002 from a small group of marketing VPs. By 2004, the CMO community had expanded to over 1000 members. However, two critical errors were made: the addition of the '-ing' suffix and the absence of a standardized job description and organizational framework. Consequently, there exists a wide spectrum of talent, mandates, structures, and strategic impacts within the CMO landscape.

Led by fourteen influential figures in the CMO community

and supported by experts in markets and leadership, this program offers a dynamic and immersive transformation of your role. It equips participants with the skills and insights needed to excel as Chief Market Officers in today's fast-paced business environment.

Thanks to our sponsors, this inaugural cohort is offered free to 30 top CMOs.

8 hours

4 Powerful Sessions

Live Virtual

Instructive and Socratic

World class


Top CMOs

Market Experts

What you will learn

Think Bigger Chief Market Officer

We'll delve into leading strategy, shaping markets, participating in a larger, infinite game, winning hearts, influencing purchase criteria, and aligning activities and resources with strategy.

Rethinking the ‘ing and Integrating Advanced Technologies

While tasks like building awareness, driving demand, generating leads, and supporting sales remain crucial for the CMO, marketing isn't subordinate to other functions—it's a partner. Marketing holds a leadership role both internally and externally, with unique values to contribute. The emergence of generative AI offers CMOs the chance to lead their companies using AI for accelerated value creation.

From the Back of the Board Deck to the Front of the Boardroom

Too often, marketing slides are relegated to the back of the board deck or even omitted altogether. Chief Market Officers, however, kick off board meetings, offering insights on markets and customers, shifts in the threat landscape, opportunities for market disruption or expansion, and facilitating discussions on growth, positioning, risk, and resource allocation.

Conscious Leadership & High Performing Teams

The final session will shift the CMO's focus toward a CEO orientation, emphasizing value delivery to all stakeholders and adopting the mantle of a conscious leader. Topics will include organizational structure and skills, inspiring influence, and prioritizing personal power over positional power.

Explore the Faculty

Piyush Sevalia

Market EVP SITime

Vasu Jakkal

CVP of Microsoft, Former CMO of FireEye

Christine Heckart

CEO Xapa, Former CMO, Public & Private Board Director

Latane Conant

CRO and Former CMO of 6sense

Denise Persson

CMO of Snowflake

Dave Peterson

Co-author of Play Bigger

Kate Bullis

CMO Whisperer, Top CMO Recruiter

Amy Kilpatrick

CMO of Contentful

Liza Adams

AI Advisor & Fractional CMO; Former Market Leader of Smartsheet, PureStorage

Carilu Dietrich

Hyper Growth Advisor, CMO of Atlassian

Anna Griffin

CMO of Commvault, Former CMO of Intercom, Smartsheet

Tricia Gellman

Hyper Growth Advisor, CMO

Janice Le

Former CMO, GM Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity, & Privacy

Mary Gilbert

Fractional CMO, Founder

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May 22
12:00 - 2:00 pm

June 7
12:00 - 2:00 pm

June 17
12:00 - 2:00 pm

July 1
12:00 - 2:00 pm

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