A guide for learning and development leaders

Online learning. Countless coaching options. Various formats. The Covid-19 pandemic turned the typical enterprise leadership development playbook on its head, turning what used to be live training into virtual sessions – whether group or one-on-one.

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Advance and retain your top leaders through individualized executive development
  • Weigh the benefits of virtual or onsite
  • How to determine your executive coaching budget
  • Identify coaches with experience serving your specific target
  • Determine and share your return on investment (ROI)

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Advance and retain your top women leaders

Athena Alliance is an executive development community for women leaders who are advancing into the C-suite or boardroom. Athena brings together women leaders, investors, CEOs, board directors, and corporations in one global, digital ecosystem.

We offer live and on-demanding learning (including self-guided curriculum, focused peer groups, and learning circles), a supportive networking community, access to hundreds of hours of executive learning content, and 3+ live Salons each week.