AI Governance Playbook

A Sustainable Framework For Empowering Leadership in the Age of Exponential Technology

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AI Governance Playbook

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other exponential technologies are poised to transform nearly every aspect of life as we know it.  Its rise in the public consciousness is infused with excitement - for what might be made possible - and fraught with anxiety and uncertainty for the unintended outcomes that may be unleashed. The Athena Alliance is a community of executive and board level women who represent a diversity of backgrounds, expertise, life experience and perspective.  What connects us is the desire for more human-centered and accountable leadership, a deep sense of community and the desire for authentic, real and intentional conversations about our most pressing challenges. It is in this spirit that we have leveraged the collective hive mind and expertise of our community to create the Athena Alliance’s AI Governance Playbook, a unique guide for executives and board members that lays out a human and sustainability-focused lens on governing the new and complex business landscape now that AI is ubiquitous.

The Working Group

Authored by senior women executives and board members, and with the input of a broad range of stakeholders, it lends a critical voice that has heretofore been insufficiently included in shaping the conversation around AI governance.

Co-Chairs / Co-Authors

AI Governance Playbook

Empowering Leadership in the Age of AI

This playbook intertwines ethical, regulatory, risk and strategic considerations with a strong emphasis on long-term value creation, responsible stewardship,  effective talent oversight, and holistic situational awareness.

Among the key takeaways are the need for:

  • Adaptable AI governance frameworks

  • Robust talent strategies

  • Proactive tech risk intelligence

It’s imperative today that all business leaders strive to align AI advancements with ethical principles and societal well-being.   If you are a leader concerned with a sustainable, proactive approach to AI governance, this playbook is for you.

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