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Do you need a motivation boost to start (or reenergize) to apply for/network for boards?  Are worried that your board bio isn't "perfect"? Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? Are you intimidated by other board applicants?  Do you feel like you don't fit in the box (you come from a different career path/government/expertise)? Want to learn specific tips including how to redirect an interview conversation to your strengths? Join Athena Board Coach, Britt Ide in this salon to learn positive self-coaching tactics that you need to stay motivated in the board search process. In this session, Britt will share her experience overcoming frustration, self-doubt, and "rejections", revealing how she was able to take control and propel herself on her journey. This will be a safe place to ask any questions you may have wherever you may be in your board search process. Join Britt in this discussion to gain inspiration, tips, and resilience to push yourself forward and find the best board fit for you.


Coco Brown CEO

Coco is founder and CEO of Athena Alliance. Prior to her current roles, Coco served as President, COO, and Board Director of Taos, a market leader in IT Services serving hundreds of F1000 companies, including Apple, Cisco, ebay, Facebook, and Silicon Valley Bank. Coco brings rich experience across F1000 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits in the roles of CEO, COO, advisor, and Board member to Athena. She possesses a unique understanding of the breadth of challenges and opportunities of leadership. She empowers leaders to execute successfully, working with them to develop the relationship between a company’s strategy and its organizational design and environment. Coco’s expertise in developing and strengthening these important linkages makes her a powerful C-level advisor and Board member. In addition to serving on the Board of Taos from 2004 to 2014, Coco served as a Board Director for MentorNet during its rebranding, product transformation, and subsequent acquisition by Great Minds in STEM. Coco was on the finance committee supporting the Board of Directors of Samasource and established the Operating Committee for the Silicon Valley arm of Golden Seeds, a New York-based early-stage investment firm. She also currently serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Anita Borg Technology Leadership Award, one of the most prestigious awards honoring women in technology.


Britt Ide Board Director

Britt Ide serves on the Board of Directors and the Audit and Governance & Innovation Committees of NorthWestern Energy (NYSE: NWE). She also serves on the International Advisory Board of Reactive Technologies Limited (private UK-based energy tech funded by Octopus and Equinor). Her strengths as a board member include her strategic mindset towards company growth (especially in rapidly changing industries), her ability to comprehend detailed technical information in multiple disciplines, and her success at working with senior management to pursue critical objectives. Britt has over 25 years of experience as an engineering, legal and business leader working on all sides of energy issues including with associations (AGA, EPRI, EEI), industrial users (Boise Cascade), large commercial users (Albertsons), utilities (including PacifiCorp, Idaho Power, LA Department of Water & Power and Columbia Gas), NGOs, developers and regulators. As President of Ide Energy & Strategy, Britt consults on energy policy, strategy and collaboration. She serves as a Clean Energy Ambassador for a US Department of Energy/MIT/Stanford collaboration and is on the Fulbright Roster of Specialists. Britt was an invited keynote speaker to Santiago, Chile on corporate governance and energy. Britt is a NACD Board Leadership Fellow. Britt previously served as the outside Chair of the Board of Directors of PCS Edventures (OTC:PCS), a public company that sells experiential science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education tools. Her current nonprofit board service includes: the Energy Policy Institute, Coalition for Green Capital, and the Hotrock Energy Research Organization (furthering Enhanced Geothermal Systems). Britt holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and a Juris Doctor. She is an experienced facilitator of solutions and has a Certificate in Mediation from Harvard. Her board colleagues value Britt’s outstanding communication and consensus-building skills.

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Board Bound

Pep Talk for Your Board Search Journey with Britt Ide

Wed, Oct 20 @ 12:00pm PT (1 hr)

Virtual (RSVP for link)


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