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For Concierge Service members only. Before we meet: Please review this material to prepare: This content will provide the foundation you need to get the most out of this workshop. Stories are more memorable than data – you are 12x more likely to remember a story than statistics. When you bring your value proposition to life with stories, your listeners will remember the value you bring, and why. This makes it easier for your network to retell those stories, amplify your value proposition, and help you scale your board search. It also increases the chances you’ll be recommended for opportunities when your story and related value proposition are remembered and retold.  In this workshop, facilitated by Athena Alliance executive coach Tissa Richards, we’ll practice illustrating your value proposition with stories. You’ll get immediate feedback from other Athena members. Did your story make your value proposition clear and memorable? Can they easily tell your story back to you? This is how you know your story can be repeated and scaled across your network. Member-guided: This is a gathering of fellow Athena members, allowing you to network and practice sharing your value stories. We will place you in breakout rooms to facilitate your learning.


Tissa Richards Founder | Speaker | Executive Coach | Former CEO

Tissa has navigated the tough world of entrepreneurship, fundraising, and executive leadership. She’s raised millions of dollars for her companies, won awards for her innovation and products (including the Dell Founders 50 Award), was the first partner technology featured on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s x86 mission-critical servers, and holds multiple patents for complex cyber security software. Top executives and companies trust Tissa to help them articulate their compelling, differentiated stories to get hired and stand out. She helps executives and founders develop leadership skills and launch companies. Tissa consults on brand, culture and product messaging for Fortune 2000 companies and startups, making the value of complex technologies clear to drive revenue and exit valuations. She also works passionately to increase the presence of women on corporate boards and remove gender as a perceived barrier to success. Tissa mentors founders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring board directors. Tissa Richards is also a contributor to business books, interviewed regularly by the likes of Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, and is an Expert Contributor to the Built In online technology community. She was a summa cum laude graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and also attended the University of Sydney, Australia. Tissa splits her time between Silicon Valley, and Austin TX. Board & Industry Skills: - Technology Startup Founder & CEO - Chairs CSR, D&I and Cybersecurity Committees - Executive Succession & Compensation - Strategic Development & Insight - Corporate Governance - Digital Transformation & Innovation - Cybersecurity - Emerging Technologies & Business Models - New Business Development - Intellectual Property Strategy (15 Patents) Experience & Expertise - Founds and funds software companies, raising ~$25M for companies in database and cybersecurity software - Architects and patents complex technologies, leads IP strategy to increase valuation and competitive differentiation - Negotiates technology and commercial partnerships for go to market acceleration (e.g. Intel, Dell, HPE) - Determines pricing and licensing models for B2B software (SaaS, PaaS, XaaS) for rapid growth and scale Secures board members from respected companies (e.g. Dell, AT&T, Intel, Palo Alto Networks) to bring strategic value and insight to startups - Distills and translates complex technical concepts for multiple stakeholders, including investors, board members, customers and partners Other Skills: - Industries: Hardware, Software, Mobile, Networking, Fintech, eCommerce - Branding and communications - Investment due diligence - Investor relations and communications - Strategic partnerships - Scalable business models - Software pricing models

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Thought Leadership

Peer Workshop: "Learn to Use Stories to Scale Your Board Search"

Fri, Jul 30 @ 9:00am PT (1 hr)

Virtual (RSVP for link)


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