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The number one reason women are not advanced in the corporate workplace is due to perceived lack of confidence. Not work ethic, track record, or positive attitude.

It’s not that as women we don’t feel like we have what it takes to do the job and do the job well. It is, however, a matter of how we are Showing Up, in our verbal and non-verbal communication styles, that gives the perception that while we do great work, we might not really be ready for the next levels in our careers.

When we can improve our communication skills we can express ourselves with more confidence. More confidence leads to more positive visibility and more positive visibility leads to bigger opportunities. Technical skills as well as communication strategies for managing meetings, self-advocating, and intentional relationship building are key.

In this high-level overview we will uncover the psychology of what it truly means to communicate with influence and decode the sound and look of confidence by addressing best practices of executive voice and presence to be sure you are Showing Up with intention and your valuable ideas are heard and respected.

  • Exploring the Psychology of Influential Communication
  • Understand that How you Show Up creates Perceptions and Influences your Executive Brand
  • Expanding Your Range of Expression to Strategically Communicate and Influence with wider audiences from direct reports to Board members
  • Uncovering the Sound & Look of Confidence



Hillary Wicht Executive Voice, Presence, & Transformational Leadership Coach

Hillary Wicht is a voice and presence expert. As an executive coach specializing in the psychology of influential communication, she has been sought by the Stanford Entrepreneurial Program for her work in the psychology of pitching for profit, tapped by the Wall Street Journal for her work on the impact of gender communication styles in the corporate realm, and featured as a thought leader on the TEDx stage. Hillary uncovers the various ways in which verbal and non-verbal cues impact the psychology and neuroscience of a listener to strategically influence the way others perceive who we are, what we are capable of, the value we bring to the table and our ability to move people to action.

Hillary first learned about the power of voice and presence as a stage actress and voice performer. As a session singer she has shared her voice with people like American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson, Broadway star Idina Menzel, Hip-hop Legend LL Cool J and Rock n roll hall of famer Leonard Cohen. As a voice over talent she’s done commercial projects for companies such as McDonalds, Mattel, AT&T, and Toyota.

Coupling her performance career with her academic background in behavioral psychology lead her to further exploration in Somatic Leadership Coaching, the psychology of body language and the psychology of influential communication, allowing her to uncover deep patterns of speech and behavior.

Hillary now supports leaders in the boardroom, courtroom, in high-stakes conversations and on the stage to leverage communication cues to generate greater influence so that their messages are heard, their purposes are valued, and the right people take notice.


Priscilla Brenenstuhl Director of Learning and Events

As the head of learning and events for Athena Alliance, a SaaS-based learning platform for executive women, Priscilla creates the virtual environments necessary for executive leaders to show up as their authentic selves. Her focus is on building a community where members can connect in meaningful ways on the issues that matter most to them. She is the creator, host and producer of, "Voices of Athena", a podcast highlighting the personal stories behind the successful women that make up the Athena Alliance community.

Priscilla is committed to cultivating health and wellness in the workplace and leans into her 15 years of experience leading yoga and meditation to show up to every situation with a unique and compassionate perspective.

Key Details

Outer Game: The Look and Sound of Confidence

Thu, Oct 27 @ 9:00am PT (1 hr)

Virtual (RSVP for link)


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