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Your first act is school, your second act is work, but have you thought about what you’re going to do in your third act? Join host Liz Tinkham, a former Accenture Senior Managing Director, as she talks to guests who are happily “pretired” – enjoying their time, treasure, and talent to pursue their purpose and passion in the third act of their life.

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The Work Reframer with Stela Lupushor


On this episode of Third Act, Liz talks with Stela Lupushor — The Work Reframer. Stela is a career HR professional who interestingly got her start in the field by implementing SAP HR because, as she says, “she was the girl on the project”. She parlayed those HR skills into bigger jobs across PwC, IBM, Tiaa-Creff, and finally retiring from Fidelity in 2016. But it was a NY Times article on the unemployment of women ages 50-65 that launched her into her third act.

As an HR professional, she saw how the systems and processes were unintentionally designed to prevent these women from getting jobs. So she decided to do something about it. Today, she is what she calls the Chief Reframer in several roles — first as the head of a nonprofit, Amazing Community that helps women get back to work, second as a lecturer on this topic at NYU, and third as the head of her own consulting company that helps companies design age-friendly workplaces.

Join Liz’s lively conversation with Stela as she offers great advice on how to work through ageism in the workplace, whether you are an employer or woman seeking work.

(02:47) Growing up in Moldova
(07:15) Becoming an HR professional
(11:08) The influential NYTimes article
(15:16) Combating ageism
(17:03) The Amazing Community
(20:04) Labor shortages and unemployed women
(24:50) Getting hired at age 45
(31:35) The Chief Reframer
(33:10) Teaching at NYU

You can find Stela Lupushor on LinkedIn or on her website. To learn more about the Amazing Community, click here.

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