The proven model we were founded on

Athena Accelerators have always been part of Athena’s origin story and framework for supporting women leaders. Accelerators were originally created to help women increase their chances of achieving a board seat. Today, they’ve evolved into a model that can support any woman leader with a specific goal — such as making a career transition, gaining a promotion, or achieving a board seat. In recent years, we’ve taken our tried-and-true model, digitized it, and enhanced it with more features and support.


What Accelerator members are saying


Athena’s Virtual Salons provide invaluable information you won’t find in any book. I log in to listen, and suddenly topics I needed to know—but didn’t know I did not know—are being discussed. The variety of speakers give insights into many different types of corporations and various board cultures.

Beverly Cole

Board Director @ Bank OZK & Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

“Athena is an incredible opportunity to connect with powerful executives, provide insightful development salons and coaches that will invest in your development and offer unconditional support for your goals. Athena is a requirement for all female executives who want to take their leadership to the next level.”

Lani Phillips

VP US Channel Sales @ Microsoft

It’s a safe sandbox to ask questions about things you don’t know, but would like to know — and may be less inclined to ask in the context of your own workplace. We all want to portray a certain level of knowledge or business acumen, and sometimes those questions go unasked because you think “It seems like everyone else knows this.” It creates a safe space for those conversations and that learning on how to be a better executive takes place in an authentic and well-intentioned way.

Karen Mangia

VP of Customer & Market Insights @ Salesforce, WSJ best-selling author

I joined Athena to learn more about what the CEO and board cared about so I can be a good board advisor. Athena’s Library lays out the content easily so I can find topics relevant to my areas of interests and gather the insights I need quickly, and on-demand.

Purvee Kondal

Vice President @ Sephora, Board Advisor @ Sourcing Industry Group & RampRate

I had the honor of joining Athena through its fellowship program. We all want to be valuable and successful board members (I am aiming for a seat on a public company board), but we also want to help each other along the way — which is the foundation of Athena Alliance. I deeply admire Athena’s spirit of transparency: transparency of dialogue, transparency of opportunities, and openness within the community.

Rashida Hodge

VP, Azure Data & AI | Customer Success @ Microsoft, Board Director @ Misty Robotics & Girls, Inc.

The Salons are informative, impactful and provide growth and focus to my own professional journey in consumable, constructive and meaningful ways. Athena’s Alliance is staying true to its vision by championing and building leaders in a supportive community setting. The salons inspire me to expand my horizons, learn more, and give back.

Anjali Shah

Head of Innovation Strategy @ Wells Fargo
Accelerator Overview

Reach your goals faster with an Athena Accelerator

Accelerator members receive all of the benefits of our standard membership — two hours of coaching, our broad network, live and on-demand Salons, access to career and board opportunities — but for Accelerators, we add on extra coaching and personalized support.


Each Accelerator member receives an additional 4 hours of one-on-one coaching to be used throughout the year, plus a Branded Career Portfolio (resume, bio, and LinkedIn update), a personalized onboarding meeting, and optional check-ins throughout the year.


Deep work with world-class coaches

Accelerators give you targeted support for your specific goals. Choose from a selection of the world’s top coaches; you may work with one coach or many. Athena coaches specialize in areas such as board selection trends, best practices, interview preparation, executive presence, thought leadership, public speaking, and more.


Time with your coach is completely private and confidential. It’s your dedicated time to do a deep dive into the strategy, emotions, thought processes, and opportunities before you. Your coach can help craft specific strategies and practices to help you overcome challenges, inhibitions, insecurities, or gaps.


Professional Branded Career Portfolio

Your Branded Career Portfolio is comprised of three professionally crafted documents: a resume, a bio, and a comprehensive LinkedIn update. Athena writers are vetted and experienced in working with senior executives. Your finished pieces will not only give you the tools you need to confidently move forward, but they will help reinforce your value at the innermost internal levels.

Your Branded Career Portfolio puts your holistic career story and unique value proposition to paper. They are a written testimony to the value you can bring to a leadership role or the boardroom. They are also instrumental in helping you prepare for interviews and guiding your thinking as you design your path forward.


Personalized onboarding

Accelerator members are invited to meet one-on-one with an Athena Member Success Manager for live membership onboarding. This is an opportunity to get questions answered, get coach and Salon recommendations, and a live tour of all that Athena has to offer.

Quarterly check-ins

The Athena member success team is available to meet with Accelerator members one-on-one quarterly. Quarterly check-ins offer a chance to evaluate coaching progress, gain recommendations, understand our newest features, and discuss how to best leverage your membership in the months to come.

Get targeted support to achieve your goals.

Join Athena at our Accelerator level and gain the targeted support you need to achieve your goals.

Did you know the majority of Athena members have their memberships sponsored by their companies? Download this PDF now to share with your HR office and company executives.