How women will advance at scale.

Consider this: there are 5,000 CEOs in San Francisco alone; 4,750 are men, 250 are women. It would take 17 San Franciscos to create a community of CEOs for women that men have in one physical location.


Virtual is the only model that can take the small numbers of successful women from everywhere and turn them into a truly powerful global community. As you continue to climb in your career, you should be able to look both within and outside your profession and engage other leaders to help you climb even higher. We see a world of support.


Athena was designed to allow members to reach across our digital yet intimate community. Connect to other members – when you need to, for what you need – to get you closer to your goals.

The greatness we see in others inspires our own greatness.

Athena’s members represent the top 10% of women in business from a broad range of companies from industry leaders like Microsoft, Coca Cola, Disney, and Royal Bank of Scotland to hot disruptors like Avalara, Docusign, and Bulletproof. They are CEOs, Executives, Investors, and Board Directors. Within Athena, women see greatness all around them. This emboldens them to see the greatness within themselves.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, and equity apply to every aspect of Athena – from our members to our team to our coaches and our partners. We strive to be a community that supports women from all backgrounds, all abilities, all cultures. And, we’re dedicated to evaluating our efforts with transparency, and a desire to lead change from the front.

Women cannot wait to be found.

Waiting to be discovered in a registry, called by a recruiter, or introduced to the right person by our network is a losing game. We, individually, need to take charge of our access to opportunity. That can only happen if we know where and what the opportunities are.

At Athena, every opportunity that comes to us will reach our members, whether it’s a board seat, a CxO role, a speaking engagement, or an advisory role. Members, and their vast and complicated careers, are never reduced to a keyword search.

Intimacy and vulnerability can thrive in a digital space.

Since the beginning, we’ve been perfecting the art of intimacy over video. Be it one-on-one sessions with some of the world’s best executive coaches or Virtual Salons where top board directors and business experts gather, Athena members learn from the best — with real world stories to accompany the wisdom of years of experience. Our mantra is “video on, hair down, come as you are”. Our virtual world is designed for learning and sharing, without pomp and circumstance.


The most complete support
for women leaders

Experience exceptional support

Athena offers a blend of humans in the loop and technology to deliver an exceptional member success experience. Our hands-on member success team is always available for a call, onboarding assistance, or live demos — but our support framework includes chat and email for instant virtual help as well.

Rapidly scale your network

Athena offers an exclusive community of powerhouse senior leaders. Members may proactively network with other executives who are at the top of their companies, their professions, their industries, or join in intentional Salons dedicated to Community & Connecting. In the digital world, our numbers are powerful—and together we take 6 degrees of separation to 1 to support our goals and interests collectively and individually.

Work one-on-one with top-tier coaches

Each membership includes 2 hours of coaching to start. Athena coaches are top in their fields. From board selection and search experts to voice and presentation coaching and personal branding strategists, gain expert guidance to get closer to your goals.

Learn from other top executives

Join Salons led by board directors and leaders from some of the world’s most notable brands, three times a week. Stay current on the topics that matter most when it comes to founding, scaling, investing, and operating a business. Topics range from the path to the boardroom, IPO, risk and compliance, financial acumen, entrepreneurship, investing, and more.

Engage in advanced learning

Athena Salons are available on-demand, designed for busy executives. Choose from recommended content targeted to your goals, or level up your executive expertise with hundreds of Salons created by your Athena peers.

Join a Learning Circle to deep-dive on specific topics with other members. Learning Circles offer members a blend of asynchronous executive learning and Socratic-style discussions to increase their knowledge in targeted areas. Or, join a Peer Group to exchange advice and learnings with other members with similar goals or interests.

Access exclusive career opportunities

Board seats, CxO roles, advisory roles, and more. Athena shares every opportunity that comes our way with all members in our fully transparent model. We work directly with boards, private equity and venture firms, recruiting firms, and more. Narrow your search with our matching algorithm. View trends and quickly understand what you are, or are not, a fit for.

Become a member

We’re looking forward to supporting you. Have a specific goal such as a board seat, promotion, or career transition? Add on an Accelerator at checkout for targeted, one-on-one support.

2021 Statistics

Athena by the numbers

Board Support

  • 696 candidates introduced for board opportunities
  • 133 candidates chosen for first-round interviews
  • 16 women directly matched with boards
  • 462 women supported in their board search


  • 2,216 Key Connections between members
  • 6,771 engagements within our community
  • 928 executive women supported



  • 698 coaching sessions with members
  • 16 world-class coaches


  • Community: 2,216 connections with a 4.92 average rating
  • Coaching: 696 coaching sessions with a 4.98 average rating
  • Salons: 128 new Salons with a 4.5 average rating

Invest in your senior leadership career.

Join Athena’s global community of the most influential women in business.