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For everyone who cares about climate change and wants to get perspective on the vast landscape of climatetech, we hope you'll join our talk with Jason Jacobs and Susan Gladwin. We'll discuss what falls under the umbrella of climatetech, the significance of community in the evolution of climatetech and climate solutions, how the climatetech investment stack is evolving and what it means to be on a climate journey on a personal level.


Jason Jacobs Partner

Jason is a longtime entrepreneur, most recently as founder/CEO of Runkeeper, one of the largest mobile fitness apps and communities, which was acquired by ASICS in 2016 for $85m. He is now a Partner at MCJ Collective, a platform that consists of a podcast and newsletter, a vibrant member community, and a fund, that has backed more than 70 of the most promising climate tech companies across stages and sectors over the last 18 months. The goal with MCJ Collective is not to convert anyone to a specific worldview, but to learn publicly about climate change and the best ways to address it while helping bring in more capital and talent, breaking down silos, fostering more education and collaboration, and accelerating climate innovation.


Susan Gladwin Founder

Susan Gladwin is a business executive and entrepreneur with expertise in technology, market strategy, and climatetech. Her work spans several decades with large brands (including Apple, Autodesk) launching iconic products, and advancing sustainable innovation in design and engineering of the built environment, manufacturing, and energy infrastructure.

She is a frequent speaker, published author, and former faculty member at the CCA MBA in Design Strategy, and advises and invests in early stage climatetech companies. Susan started non-profit ClimateOnBoard to accelerate cross-sector climate mitigation collaboration among corporate board directors, is a Senior Consultant in Outreach and Business Development at the Loan Program Office in the U.S. Department of Energy, and is founder of a startup, ReadySetReplace, that helps homeowners successfully replace gas water heaters with climate-friendly alternatives.

Key Details

The Power of the Climatetech Collective

Thu, Sep 29 @ 9:00am PT (1 hr)

Virtual (RSVP for link)


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