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The end of the calendar year is a time many of us turn to family, and that sense of space - where we feel allowed to invest in family, thanks in large part to what is commonly considered "holiday season". People spend more time at work than anything else in life (except maybe for some, sleep). This time of year, we sometimes find ourselves asking "Given we spend so much time at work, why is the workplace not required to be structured to better support our family?" Women more than men, even in single family homes, bear the greatest burden for family - be it children, aging parents or close relatives, and/or family structure and day to day support - healthcare, shopping, school activities, and the like. Covid put a very fine point and shed light on this reality, which women already knew, but now the world sees. Women just as much as men deserve to have rich, full and successful careers. But, until we dig into redesigning work to better support life, we will continue to be at a disadvantage.

Join us as we discuss how we would design organization structure and the employee/ employer relationship differently to better support life. And, whether policy is needed to support changes in workplace design?


Heidi Harmon Senior Public Affairs Director

Heidi Harmon, Public Affairs Director of Let’s Green CA!, is a dynamic keynote speaker and featured guest on programs including Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, NPR, and TEDx. She’s held many titles in her life, among them maid, mayor and mom. Heidi served three terms as mayor of the City of San Luis Obispo, where she led the city to adopt what was then the most ambitious carbon neutrality goal in the United States. A mother of two, Heidi is a social, environmental and gender justice leader committed to creating an equitable and sustainable world. Heidi’s authenticity and palpable passion for her work are her superpowers.


Coco Brown CEO

Coco is founder and CEO of Athena Alliance. Prior to her current roles, Coco served as President, COO, and Board Director of Taos, a market leader in IT Services serving hundreds of F1000 companies, including Apple, Cisco, ebay, Facebook, and Silicon Valley Bank. Coco brings rich experience across F1000 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits in the roles of CEO, COO, advisor, and Board member to Athena. She possesses a unique understanding of the breadth of challenges and opportunities of leadership. She empowers leaders to execute successfully, working with them to develop the relationship between a company’s strategy and its organizational design and environment. Coco’s expertise in developing and strengthening these important linkages makes her a powerful C-level advisor and Board member. In addition to serving on the Board of Taos from 2004 to 2014, Coco served as a Board Director for MentorNet during its rebranding, product transformation, and subsequent acquisition by Great Minds in STEM. Coco was on the finance committee supporting the Board of Directors of Samasource and established the Operating Committee for the Silicon Valley arm of Golden Seeds, a New York-based early-stage investment firm. She also currently serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Anita Borg Technology Leadership Award, one of the most prestigious awards honoring women in technology.

Key Details

How Might Policy Help Us Reshape Work to Support Family?

Wed, Dec 07 @ 12:00pm PT (1 hr)

Virtual (RSVP for link)


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