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"An unprecedented amount of assets will shift into the hands of US women over the next three to five years, representing a $30 trillion opportunity by the end of the decade." - McKinsey.

Beyond this, research from HerMoney in 2022 found that "almost all women who reported being in a relationship play a role in managing not only their household finances (94%), but also managing investments (94%), and contrary to popular belief, retirement planning (94%)."

So who do we partner with? Join Host Tama Smith, Athena Advisor and Category Steward for Athena's "Women & Wealth" learning with guest speaker Jesica Ray who will help us learn how to explore or get curious about selecting a money manager, or financial advisor.


Jesica Ray Lead Advisor

As a Lead Advisor in our Washington, D.C. office, I help to provide guidance to our clients on the East Coast through expertise, analysis, and execution. On top of that, we help individuals and families go beyond the balance sheet and help with identifying philanthropic passions, crushing personal goals, and taking a deeper look into what financial wellness and happiness looks like for them. I believe in being a fiduciary for clients, which means that we sit on the same side of the table as them, not bound by conflicts of interest.

The most rewarding part of what I do is the relationships built with clients. The better I can understand the individuals and families I work with, the better I can service them in line with their goals, passions, and whatever else is important to them. I have a strong passion for helping people gain financial peace of mind and overall wellbeing.


Tama Smith Head of Women Living A Richer Life

Future-focused leader serving as Head of Women Living a Richer Life for Brighton Jones; expert in wealth management strategies for women.

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Choosing a Money Manager/Financial Planner

Wed, Jan 18 @ 12:00pm PT (1 hr)

Virtual (RSVP for link)


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